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Alaska's Freshest and Finest

Alaska’s finest and freshest

Surrender Salmon provides the highest quality seafood. Learn more about what makes our fish a superior catch.


Health Benefits of Eating Wild Alaskan Salmon


Low-fat, high quality protein source

- Promotes rapid muscle repair and rebuilding
- Lower saturated fat and fewer calories than farmed salmon


Excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids

- Reduces inflammation and promotes heart health
- Supports healthy vision, brain, and immune system function


Vitamin and mineral rich protein

- Vitamins B, D, calcium, and potassium support bone development and muscle building
- Important electrolytes keep athletes ready for training

Premium Quality


We take pride in our process because it produces the best fish.

Refrigerated boat. Bled fish. Pin bones removed. Flash frozen. Vacuum sealed. Freezer fresh for 2 years.


Sockeye Salmon

Alaskan natives have been fishing the waters of Bristol Bay for centuries. The tasty, red-orange meat of the sockeye salmon is highly valuable and highly delicious.


Product Promise

Surrender Salmon seafood is the best of the best, and we believe in it 100%. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your product, let us know and we will make it right.


Bristol Bay

Bristol Bay is the largest remaining commercial wild salmon fishery in the world and the home of all Surrender Salmon seafood. Nearly 38 million sockeye salmon populate the bay each year thanks to a dedication to sustainable fishing practices.

For more information, visit Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association