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Alaska's Freshest and Finest

Get to know us

Surrender Salmon is a family-owned, fisherman-owned small business. Learn more about the people bringing Alaska’s finest and freshest seafood to Minnesota.


Grant Niver

Founder, fisherman and chief salmon ambassador. Catches salmon each summer in Alaska and educates Minnesotans about wild-caught seafood all year.


Blake Niver

Fisherman and crew officer. Scours the ocean for fish and works the Alaskan oil fields.


Bryce Niver

Fisherman and medical officer. Keeps the salmon safe and the fishermen healthy.



Dad Niver

Captain and owner of the F/V Surrender and patriarch of the Niver family. Fishing the waters of Bristol Bay for 37 years, Dad keeps the boat on course.


The Vessel

The Fishing Vessel Surrender is the namesake for Surrender Salmon and the boat that makes fishing in Bristol Bay possible. Bristol Bay’s peak salmon season falls between June and August each year and the F/V Surrender is out on the water catching the finest and freshest fish for your order. Check out the ship.